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Hardhat Giveback Program Expands to Georgia

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Program is partnership between Bixby Zane, Workforce Business Services

Bixby Zane, a leading provider of workers’ compensation administration and management for construction and other high-risk sectors, and Workforce Business Services is pleased to announce the expansion of the Hardhat Giveback program to Georgia. Hardhat Giveback is a safety incentive program that encourages and recognizes companies that promote the improvement of worksite safety. The program has distributed more than $16 million to participants since 2003.

“Bixby Zane is proud of our partnership with Workforce Business Services to bring the Hardhat Giveback program to Georgia,” Bixby Zane co-founder Jason Crawford said. “We believe that companies that work to improve safety their standards should be awarded and recognized.”

Participants in the Hardhat Giveback program work closely with safety consultants who conduct on-site assessments and identify potential safety risks. Companies in the program are offered an incentive return of up to 10 percent of their premium for meeting qualifications. There are currently over 800 companies participating in the Hardhat Giveback program. For more information, visit hardhatgiveback.com.

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