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PEO clients will NOT lose their WCIRB experience modifier.
Carrier reports all statistics directly to the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California. Every client retains its experience modifier
exactly as with a traditional policy

PEO clients ARE able to get loss runs.
Loss runs are available upon request anytime from our carrier. These are the same loss runs that any traditional client would receive directly from the carrier

We have NEVER had a PEO certificate rejected by a contractor or government agency.
Our clients work with several recognized general contractors, including Turner Construction Company, McCarthy Building Companies and DPR Construction, as well as numerous local, state and federal agencies, including branches of the U.S. military. We have never had a certificate rejected.

Our pricing is NOT confusing and does NOT have hidden fees.
Our partner, Workforce Business Services, itemizes every cost and fee upfront, on your quote; no hidden fees, no lurking deductibles.

PEO clients DO NOT lose control of their business and employees.
Our clients have a co-employment relationship with Workforce Business Services only on paper. It allows us to ease the client’s administrative burdens around payroll, safety and claims management. Each client, meanwhile, retains complete control of its business and employees.

PEO clients DO have their own policy information.
Every client has its own individual policy – in complete compliance with Section 4 of the California insurance code

PEO administrative costs are NOT expensive. They are extremely competitive with traditional carriers.
With our filed rates, our clients’ overall costs are less expensive than most traditional carriers. Plus, we increase cost savings with the addition of a safety professional, payroll processing, Employee Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage and an annual safety incentive.

A good PEO WILL properly pay client taxes.
In the 11+ years it’s been in business, Workforce Business Services has never faced a federal or state tax question. In California, state unemployment tax is filed under a company’s own state Employment Development Department (EDD) number; PEO clients can always check with that agency to verify payment to their accounts.

Your construction payroll is NOT too complex for a PEO system to understand.
Workforce Business Services exclusively serves the construction trades. It has delt with every type of payroll (e.g., certified and prevailing wages on public works, union and non-union, piece rate, etc.). They can also customize reports and use in-house programmers to fit any client’s needs.

PEOs promise safety incentives, and they DO make payouts.
Workforce Business Services exclusively serves the construction trades. It has delt and paid out over $11 million since starting the Hardhat Giveback program. Check out our videos of presentations of safety incentive checks as part of the Hardhat Giveback at

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  • "Bixby Zane offers a great solution for the right fit. They are the saving grace for risky businesses.”

    Robert Keller, Insurance Broker
    Robert Keller, Insurance Broker Der Manouel Insurance
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